10 Best Passive Income Ideas (With Low Start-Up Costs)


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The best passive income ideas don’t have to cost lots of money to start.

10 passive income ideas with low start up costs. Make at least $1000 per month while you sleep. #passiveincomeideas #passiveincometips #makemoneywhilesleeping #makemoneyonline #makemoneyathome #workathome #earnextracashIn fact, you can start earning passive income with as little as a $20 investment in many cases.

If you’ve researched ways to earn passive income in the past but felt intimidated or discouraged then, this article will help increase your confidence to get started.

Keep reading to learn more about ways to start earning passive income today.

Passive income is money you earn from methods in which you are not actively involved. Active income on the other hand refers to income you receive from performing some kind of service.

Here are just some of the reasons why passive income is more attractive than active income to most people:

Traditional methods of earning passive income include investing in real estate, stocks, earning royalties, and other methods that require large amounts of cash upfront.

For most of us (who are hustling to earn more money, pay bills, live life AND build wealth at the same time) it is difficult to build passive income streams with high start up costs.

That is why this article will focus on the 10 best passive income ideas that don’t cost a lot of money to start. So, let’s begin!

Acorns, an easy to use investment app, is a great way to get started with investing.  The app could not be easier to use.

You can open your account for free and begin investing with only $5. There are multiple ways to invest with Acorns, but I will describe my favorite (and easiest way) to invest below.

In short, here is what you need to do to start earning passive income with Acorns:

Watch this brief video to learn more about how Acorns works.