20 Handmade Business Ideas with Little Money to Start


Lisa Williams

Working from home has become more and more popular nowadays. There are many ways you can work from home; starting your own handmade business is one of them. Here are 20 Handmade Business Ideas that you can start right the way with little money.

  1. Furniture Makeover

Making home décor is becoming the trend in 2017. There are a lot of DIY tutorials on youtube and pinterest. A lot of them are easy to learn and easy to make. Farmhouse/rustic style has become extremely popular this year. You can easily get some cheap materials from local thrift stores or online apps, such as “LetGo” or “OfferUp”.

2. Greeting Card Maker

Unleash your card creativity by designing your own greeting cards from home using paper and your creative talent. Then sell your creations on Etsy or Shopify!

3. Jewelry Making

You can also design and create your own jewelry using beads and other supplies you can easily pick up online or at a local craft store.

4. T-shirt Designer

You can utilize online service like Redbubble and upload designs that you can have printed on t-shirts and other products. Or you can get more creative and actually customize t-shirts with names or other items for specific customers.

5. Scented Candle Maker

Candles are also popular products for people to purchase on sites like Etsy and Amazon. You can purchase some basic supplies and make your own scents and designs right from home.

6. Soap Maker/SPA Product

Likewise, you can mix a few basic ingredients, along with scents and other customizable materials, to make handmade soaps and all natural organic soap with some fun soap shapes.

7. Abstract Painter/glass painter

You can start your own at-home painting studio and sell your original creations online. You can also do glass painting as well.

8. Handbag Maker

You can get really creative with different materials and styles by designing your own line of handmade bags and purses.

9. Knitting

If you’re more into knitting, you can create a variety of different products to sell, such as hats, scarves, gloves, etc.

10. Studio Photographer

You can also start your own creative business as a photographer, taking pictures in a home studio or even your yard and then selling them online.

11. Quilter

If you’re interested in creating larger handmade products, you can make your own quilts with fabric, fiber and a sewing machine.

12. Scrapbooker

If you want to help people preserve their special memories, you can start a scrapbooking business and you can offer custom pages.

13. Bead Maker

Or you could make some Victorian beads out of clay, glass or a variety of other materials and sell them to jewelry makers.

14. Woodworking

Large wood products like cabins or furniture might be a good idea if you are pretty handy or have a handyman at home. You will just need some carving tools and materials. If you want to stick to smaller projects such as birdhouses or home decor, you can definitely try carving some smaller products. (Credit: All Things Creative)

15. Candy Bouquet

You can also make your own candy products right in your own kitchen and then package them for sale.

16. Ornament Maker

For more festive entrepreneurs, you can also design and craft your own custom holiday ornaments to sell during the season.

17. Mason Jars

Or you can make some mason jars makeover for any season!

18. Ebook Author

If you have a lot of ideas that you can share with people, you can actually write your very own book with instructions or ideas and then publish it as an ebook online.

19. Decor Making parties

Of course, it’s always fun to make decor with friends and family. You can provide some Decor Making lessons at home and it’s another creative way to earn revenue!

20. Handmade Blogger

While you own your own handmade business, you can start a blog about your handmade business and make money through ads, affiliate links and social media.

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