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Hey, Steve Smith here and I want to welcome you to “Bringing the NET into NETwork Marketing” Before we get into that, I want to tell you a little about myself.

I’ve had the pleasure to be part on the Networking marketing Industry for over 20 years. I was presented with a Network marketing opportunity at a time in my life where I was well to put it bluntly financially challenged.

At the time I had no idea about Network marketing, heck if you said the word “upline” to me, I might of asked what you were putting up.

But when a friend of mine showed me Network Marketing, I didn’t get a lot of it, but I did understand one phrase… Residual Income.

I started to read more business books, bought or borrowed any videos I could get my hands on (yep we’re talking good old VHS).

The more books I read and videos I watched, the sooner I started to see what could be achieved.

It wasn’t an easy path but what I did have was a fire under my butt and I got to work.

It didn’t take me long to get to a steady income level that I could rely on month after month.

Crazily enough, the best part was while I was going through and making more money, my team were too!

You could say that along that 20 year route I have learnt a lot of great stuff about building network marketing teams and having a great income.

In fact, not to long ago I was the head of a team of over 96,000 people and travelled to 15 countries coaching thousands people along the way.

Though over the last 7 years something massive has been changing the way we do business and it’s only been the last 3 years that I’ve taken the time and financial investment to really figure out the code to marketing this way…

That way is of course is using Internet marketing to build your downline almost on autopilot.

Whether you are seasoned Networker or a new face into this amazing Industry you are about to have the opportunity of taking your business to whole new level and give you a noticeable advantage over your competition.

If 200,000 people are stopping or leaving this Industry
were to start making some money from their business, do
you think that figure would drop down to considerably?

I say yes, it’ll go down, main reason being is that hardly anyone one leaves an opportunity if they are making some financial return.

The Network marketing Industry has been built on the old tested method of one on one presentations, or group presentations, build a list of warm leads and offering them the same opportunity – This has been the bedrock of the Network marketing Industry.

If you are using these methods and they are working for you and you are building an awesome team, then don’t change it – remember if it’s not broke, don’t fix it…

But if you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people within the Network marketing Industry that isn’t experiencing the type of financial freedom you looked forward to, then I’m going to reveal in the video above how you can change that around in as little time as the next 3 days…

Well what I’ve done is spent the last 18 months compiling over 60
time-tested videos that will unveil to you exactly how you can
build your team and Network Marketing business online…

I want to officially Welcome you to “Bringing the NET into NETwork Marketing” – The premier online training suite for Network Marketers.

Having spent 20 years within the network marketing Industry I knew that there just had to be ways to help people who had either burned out their warm list or had been taunted by them…

Those 18 months I spent putting this coaching program together taught me many NEW amazing methods of business building, I spent hours talking to Internet Marketers, looking at their methods, carrying out days upon days of application, while having to run with the constant change of the Internet.

I learnt ways how to get 5,000 new people in one week that I could share my opportunity with, using a free piece of software…

I researched the most innovative ways to utilize WordPress with an email list creation system in order to set my results on fire!

Those 18 months were an eye opener for me, I saw the true power and leverage of the Internet and now you can too…

My coaching program will be delivered to you on a weekly basis enabling you to put into action everything you have just learnt from that module. You will earn as you learn

Each module is geared to showing you how to leverage everything you have, whether it’s time, money, a great voice, a skill like writing, etc, and turning it into an income stream that’ll help you build your team and business.

Over the 60+ video Modules, I’ll personally walk you through everything that I’ve done and how you can apply it.

Here is just a small sample of some of the in-depth Video Modules

Members will also be able to download FREE programmes & Ebooks,
covering a range of Lead Generation methods.
These are just a few examples of downloadable video courses

* Disclaimer
The above independent testimonials are from people who have achiеved their own success by using and following the lead generation program. Results from this coaching program are also based on individual effort. No results are guaranteed.

If you’re someone new or someone that’s struggling to build your Network Marketing business, then this coaching program is most certainly for you.

I know full well that just with one of the strategies I teach in this 60 video program that when you apply it you’ll make your entire investment back almost instantly. And that’s just the first month of your residual income.

But after speaking to numerous members of my team, they’ve convinced me that I had to lower it, and after seeing how much it’s impacted the lives of other people in my team and those exposed to this program, I knew I had to make it as affordable as possible..

Because the internet is so fast paced and changing all the time, some methods will invariably evolve, and that’s where this bonus comes in…

Don’t delay any further, hit the Add to Cart button and get started putting your Network Marketing business into overdrive with Bringing the NET into NETwork Marketing.

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