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If you have been trying to make money online,
you have certainly come across the so called gurus and their automated
systems. So did I!

It is after I
ignored the automated systems that I started to earn money!

If you are a Total Newbie, you may not know what I mean
by automated systems… but I will tell you why you
should NEVER BUY these Push Button Get Rich
Quick Systems.
(Keep reading to find out…)

Ever Wonder Why Most Internet Marketing
“Gurus” Only Seem to Show You Screenshots of Their Clickbank Accounts
for Just
One Month?
(or Maybe Even as Little As One Week?)

No Internet Marketing “Guru” Story is
Complete Without Showing Off Their Toys and Possessions!

They Have Created a New
“Automated” System That Will Help You Build the Exact Same Multi-Million
Dollar Online Empire As They Did…

But they promise to do one

In fact, If YOU BUY their

“instant push button software”

You Don’t Have To Do Any of the Work —
Just BUY NOW, Download and YOU’LL Be Up and Running in Minutes!!!

Here’s my own sad experience…

I did.  Again, and
again, and again!

So Why Do We Keep Falling For and Buying Into “Pie in the Sky” Automatic
Money Making Systems and Fake Internet Marketing Schemes When They Are So
Clearly Fakes and We All Know… “Too Good to Be True”?

The first couple of times, I’ll admit it.

I was greedy.
I honestly believed the B.S. sales pitch because I truly couldn’t help
myself — I desperately wanted to be “one click away” from the lifestyle
of my dreams. 

So the first couple of automated systems I
purchased were simply me chasing the fancy houses, cars, and high end
lifestyle splashed all over the sales pages I was reading —
they got me hooked with their
fancy sales pitch, and rag to riches stories… but I quickly
got over that childish fantasy! (Especially when the credit card
bills started to mount up!)

Even though the first couple automated systems I
bought were complete flops and I never made a cent from them…

I still knew three irrefutable facts about making money online:

The Internet’s Double-Digit Revenue Growth For Past Decade and
Throughout “Great Recession”:

The Internet remains one of the strongest and fastest growing segments of the economy with double-digit online sales growth recorded throughout the past decade
and the internet will keep on growing. (I wanted a piece of all that

Worldwide Market With Billions of Potential Customers: 

Even traditional brick-and-mortar businesses and organizations are increasing their online presence and marketing budgets for one simple reason:
because the Internet is the biggest, most efficient, and best
connected market the world has ever known with more than 2 billion total users. (And
I wanted to tap into that pool of online buyers!)

Extremely Low Capital Investment for Legitimate Business Opportunity: 

I knew one thing for sure, was that if you were just like me, if you have a computer, Internet access and a bank account then you
honestly have the core ingredients to run a successful online business.

The Internet Is The Best, and Most Realistic Way for the Average Man or Woman
to Break Out of their “Lifestyle Rut” and Legitimately

Earn a 6-7 Figure Income in the Next 5-10 Years!

You Get Serious About Your Online Business,
And With The Right Knowledge Build Your Own Income Generating Online

Going back to 5 years ago, all of my research and instincts told me the Internet was my most realistic path
to making a lot of money. I knew it could give me the income I desired so
I could be living the life I truly wanted

instead of always “settling” for something less. I was sick of living my
life that way, maybe you are too!

So despite my failures with the first two products I purchased being complete flops
(and a tragic waste of my time AND hard-earned money) I was determined
to find a system that actually produced real

What was I doing wrong?  I had never really failed at
anything in life as badly or as often as I had in Internet marketing —
not even close!  I mean, I’m not lazy — I literally went above and
beyond studying and learning all I could and implementing each and every
system I tried EXACTLY as directed. 

But after more than a dozen failures and more than a year of wasted time and effort, I came to the one and only obvious conclusion:

“There is NO Automated Magic System or Short-Cut To
Banking Internet Millions and Anyone Who Says Otherwise is
Lying to You —
Absolutely NO Exceptions!”

Maybe you are wondering… “What about all the
guru’s screenshots of their Clickbank account and what about the pages
of video testimonials of seemingly “normal” people (who are mostly paid

“And what about all those photos of the guru’s mansions, fancy cars,
yachts, private jets and photos with top celebs?”

The cold hard truth is this…

You can’t make enough money online in a flash
to afford a private jet…
NOT with ANY automated
(Not unless you are in the business of ripping people off! And I was NOT
in that business
nor did I want to be!)

But you say…

They Are Almost Certainly Lies or Convenient Distortions of the Truth Meant to DO One Thing and One Thing ONLY…
And that is to…
Convince YOU to “Buy Now”!

Just think about this
truth for a moment…

Ever wondered why they (these multi-millionaire
gurus) never show you their
browser bar? Could it be because they use skilled people to put together
a video that “looks real”?

On my video above, my browser bars is always
open because…

I have nothing to hide.

ridiculous to think that you can actually earn a 6-7 figure income
“working just 15 minutes” a day or with your business on “auto-pilot”. 

Do you know what turned everything around for me and set me on the path to quitting my job, earning a six and then seven-figure income, and finally living life on my terms?
I stopped looking to immediately “be rich” by finding some magical “City
of Gold” or automated system…              

But it is a crime to work 40 hours or more per week for 50+ weeks
per year and only see your income go up 3-5%.  It’s a downright
tragedy to work your fingers to the bones at a job you hate and then
seen your meager raise devoured by skyrocketing gas and food prices!

I’m not into that
lifestyle and I doubt you are either…

And It Happened All Over Again, and Again, and Again…

Success is Earned Through Consistent and Wise Investment of Your Time
— Not Through “Automated Systems” or Get Rich Quick Scams…

Because I was sick of how I got
taken in (and swindled out of my hard-earned money) by all the Internet
Gurus with their fake automated systems…

I decided to share what I
learned about how I make my own money online…

Introducing:  From Newbie to Millionaire.

Stop Wasting Your Money
Automated Systems and
Get Rich Quick Scams!
Get The Honest Truth And Get What I Use Every Day To Make Money In
My Own Business.
Find Out Exactly What It Takes To
Build Your Own
Money Making Online Business!

Try It Risk Free! You Get Instant Access To

“From Newbie to Millionaire:

After you “Click the Add To Cart
Button”, and your order is processed, you will receive downloadable
book, (an ebook of 506 pages) to help you
build your online business every step of the way!

The ebook is an electronic book that is
immediately available to download, and can be read with free Adobe
Acrobat reader. There is no shipping charges, no waiting! Click the “Add
To Cart” Button below and download your “From Newbie to Millionaire”
book. Today is the day to get started reading so you can start making more money!


Please read on to learn more about me…

who the hell am I and why should you believe me?”

And I was one of them
(that was about five years ago.)  My name is Christine Clayfield
and I am NOT an Internet Marketing guru. 

In fact, five years
ago when this all started I was a total newbie.

I had NO knowledge, NO
support, NO training, NO experience, NO special skills.

I have already shared —
I truly did invest in countless automated systems and tried every

short cut I could find.  At one time, I was either buying
products from or subscribing to services with just about every Internet
Marketing guru out there. 

In fact and
if you look in my inbox, I have more than 11,000 emails
and spam from guru’s still trying to get me to buy their products!
There is a picture of my inbox in my book.

One fact remains…

I learned the hard
and painful way, and lost a ton of money and over a year of my life
looking for short-cuts that ultimately failed!

My true light bulb
moment came when I stopped looking for short-cuts and magic software

See for yourself the
images are below!


Add it all up and I have personally:

I think its fair to say
that I understand  the theory of Internet Marketing as well or
better than any of the guru’s out there! 

Why? Because the guru’s are always trying to
peddle pipe dreams and get-rich-quick scams and it just doesn’t work that
way — and unless pigs start to fly, I don’t see that changing any time

You want to build a
sustainable income generating business.

The Simple Truth is…

In Order to Build and Operate a Successful Online Business,
You Need To:

Understand The
Basic Principles On How To Earn Money On The

These principles are very clearly explained in my

Work Hard Just Like You Would To Succeed At Any Job In Order To
Build An Online Business Of Your Own!

You have to work hard at any job to succeed and running your own online business is no different.
In time you will gain your freedom and instead of working for your pathetic boss, you can work from
home. Imagine a life like that!

Sure I could
buy some pictures of large luxury properties and put them on this site
but I am not going to show you pictures here of my house or my private
jet (I haven’t got a private jet anyway).

I am also not showing you any
manipulated screenshots; my logging into my
actual bank account
is proof you can not dispute and surely must tell you enough….

I am indeed living
proof that ANYONE with DETERMINATION, and DESIRE, With A Little Hard Work
And The RIGHT INFORMATION Can Make Money Online.

You CAN Build Your Own Successful Business
That Makes You Money Without Any Internet Marketing Experience
or Fancy Degree!

If you want to be

(or woman in this

I made tons of mistakes.  Every single
automated system that I reviewed, purchased, and implemented — was a
total mistake.  Every half-baked idea, false start, or improperly
implemented strategy —
were all mistakes.

Each and every mistake robs you of time, money, or motivation—and in
some cases, ALL 3! 

Don’t let that happen to you when it is so easy
to get the information you need right here so you don’t fail!

Unlike most Internet Marketing resources that always try and cram ONE specific strategy or approach down your throat regardless of your actual needs, product, etc.

Here’s Just a Sampling of What You’ll Discover in From “Newbie to Millionaire”:

Discover the exact same information that has
helped hundreds of people make money with their own online business.
People who have proven that
they can do it! People just like you!

I will reveal my success system.
Why not find out what it is —
When It Is 100% Risk Free?

If you don’t learn anything then simply email
me and I’ll rush you ever penny you paid.
You have absolutely nothing to lose.

No Matter
How You Want To Earn Online Income —

From Owning Your Own Website to Successful Freelancing —”From Newbie to Millionaire”


Guaranteed to Be the Last Resource You Ever Need!

See what people say about my book and videos:


You Get Instant Access to the ebook when you order now.

After you “Click the Add To Cart
Button”, and your order is processed, you will receive downloadable
book, (an ebook of 506 pages) to help you
build your online business every step of the way!

The ebook is an electronic book that is
immediately available to download, and can be read with free Adobe
Acrobat reader. There is no shipping charges, no waiting! Click the “Add
To Cart” Button below and download your “From Newbie to Millionaire”
book. Today is the day to get started reading so you can start making more money!

“From Newbie to Millionaire”

Today for the Introductory Price of

 You have a full two months to read, review, and try
From Newbie to Millionaire.
 When you have read my ebook
you still don’t know how to earn money online, then it is my fault and I
have not done a good job so I will gladly issue you a FULL REFUND.

 No rude customer service reps to argue with.  No return authorization numbers or hidden fees to worry about.  And because From Newbie To Millionaire
is a digital product available for immediate download—you don’t have to
worry about any non-refundable shipping and handling fees.  I will
simply refund every penny of your order without delay so you can get on
with finding something better—no questions, no hassles, and no b.s. fees
to worry about.

Ok, So Your Investment is 100% Secure But Is

“From Newbie to Millionaire”

Really What You’re
Looking For?

Did You Answer

To Any of the Questions?

From Newbie to Millionaire”

EXACTLY the Comprehensive, A-Z Internet Marketing Resource You’ve Been
Looking For That Finally
Could Transform Your Dreams of Making Money Online — Into Reality!

You’ve seen me log directly into my bank account
and show you EXACTLY what my own business has generated in the last

But I Assure You: From Newbie
To Millionaire

Includes Absolutely Everything You Need to Plan, Build, and Run
A Successful Money Making Online Business!   

But I Assure You: From Newbie
To Millionaire

Includes Absolutely Everything You Need to Plan, Build, and Run
A Successful Money Making Online Business!   

If You Are Willing to Put In
Some Work and Have a Dream, “From Newbie to Millionaire”
 Will Quickly Help You Transform That Dream Into a Successful Online Business!

I absolutely guarantee that you can copy
my success system and create your very own success while avoiding all the mistakes that cost me dearly. 

My step-by-step-method can be applied in ANY niche.

Why Am I Selling
“From Newbie to Millionaire”
 In the First Place”?

I never realised working in an office environment could damage your
health until I woke up one day with excruciating neck pain.

In fact, I already have completed the research and had plans on creating
a lot more websites. 
But there’s just one problem with
all my plans:

have damaged my neck (a non-curable condition) and I have to scale
back the time I spend on my computer and therefore decided to
write a book with my success system explained.


is my aim to become an internet-marketing tutor/speaker and HONEST
guru and organise day-courses, which will get me out of my office
as it is the sitting down all the time in front of my computer
that will make my neck condition worse.



will always be an internet marketer as I L O V E it but I can
become a successful tutor/mentor/speaker standing up instead of
sitting in front of the computer all day.

Build the online income generating business of
your dreams!

See what people say about my book and videos:


Get started right now!

When you have hit the Add To Cart
Button, you will receive an ebook (506 pages!).
After reading my ebook you will understand how to make money online. Or your money

P.P.S.:  Your investment is 100% Risk Free because you have a full 60 days to fully evaluate From Newbie to Millionaire
and if you are dissatisfied for any reason—I will refund EVERY PENNY
of your order.  Order Now!

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