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Create iOS and Android Apps that can Send Push Notification on Right Inside Any Smartphone without any App Store Approvals and works even without internet

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“WOW This application is a tool that has helped me in my strategy how to do business online by simplifying the process of online subscribers. I can not only send notifications to my subscribers but also collect leads! Thank you! Saaransh C, for making this wonderful application for us online marketers.
I recommend if you are in business through the Internet this is the simplest solution to reach your customers directly, do not wait any longer.”

-Armando Granados, Marketing Expert

Converted my first site in less than 6 mins… simply wow… I was looking for a way to extend my business into mobile market and the results I got are simply amazing… kudos to team

– Jai Sharma, 7 Figure Marketer

3X More Targeted Traffic than ever before Via This entirely new channel of traffic Webinars, Using to for 4 sites already, Great Work Guys.. Keep up the good work

-Ankit Mehta,

I have seen the power of mobile apps and mobile traffic and my gosh, PAB takes it on whole new level…. Amazing technology and the best part was offline availablity and push notifications

-Madhav Dutta,

Internet Is Going to Change Forever

It’s always been important for marketers to have their own website, store or blog. However, a website’s not enough on its own anymore. . . In the last one-year mobile traffic on any website just grew from 57% to 63% and it’s expected to reach 75-78% by the end of 2019

Right now, you’re likely missing out on one of the most important marketing pieces for any business going forward.

As long as you have the tech skills to click a single button… Read on to discover what you’ve been missing out on.

Having Your Mobile Site Responsive is not enough

Having your website mobile responsive is good for your businesses but thanks to those countless tools and themes almost every other marketer has already done it. But it’s simply a website where people visit it and there are 80% chances that they won’t visit it again.

According to 2017 US Mobile App Report, Users spend 87 percent of their time on mobile apps compared to mobile web use that is just 13 percent. On the top of that, half of digital media usage time is spend using smartphone apps.

Right now, you’re likely missing out on one of the most important marketing pieces for any business going forward.

Making the user install your app from the store can be a pain in the neck. But with a PWA the user can install the app with just one tap. This frictionless installation lets users enjoy service instead of installing the bulky native app. And it updates every time you update any content on your website without any approval from apps store

Mobile app push notifications are proven to be best responded and best converted, even better than email marketing. With PWAs you can directly send push notifications about new updates, offers, coupons, new posts or anything at all directly to your users just like the notifications of new matches on Tinder or FB messages

PWAs can work offline or with a limited connection just like native app on your phone. And advances cache technology, the images, content and even shopping carts are able to function even no matter how poor the user’s connection may get

PWA’s take less than 2 seconds tos load and this has a marked impact on search engine rankings as faster loading sites receive a ranking boost. Your PWAs will be indexed super quickly too and a great user experience which all add to the success of your SEO strategy

No matter what business, Niche or Market you are in, PWA is the key to your business success if you want more traffic, leads and sales

You Need Your Progressive Web Apps to Build a Sustainable and Profitable business

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So Why Doesn’t EVERYONE Have a
Progressive Web App Already?

We can’t deny the fact that it’s not easy for everyone to have their sites PWAs converted

Progressive Apps Builder One Time Low Payment Offer About To Close Forever Turning Into High Monthly Recurring Forever In…

Small Business don’t generally require a full fledge Android or iOS App. Mostly they just need a Mobile App so that their customers can be in touch with them. And Since small business generally just have a static website, their Apps generally gets rejected by the App Store if it is not created from scratch & specially for Mobile.

These Business will Strongly benefit from Progressive Web Apps, as their Current website can be simply converted into a App which will also have Push Notification Support in Android Version. Their customer can directly install these from their websites in just 2 clicks and without wasting any of their precious mobile storage

Perfect for Routine Events. Just Create a Website for your Event, Convert it into a Progressive Web App & You are good to go. Now all your participants can quickly install this App from your website and get regular updates and informations via push notifications.

Now you have a extra Opportunity for more business. If your customer Doesn’t have a Mobile App, you can easily sell them a Progressive Web App by converting their existing website into a App. Its as simple as 1-2-3. You can charge your customers depending on his budget and even charge him monthly for using Push notifications.

If your clients already have a Mobile App, you can still Pitch them a Progressive Web App Since they would be able to Convert All the SEO Traffic into App Installs as Progressive Web App can be directly installed from your Website. And with our built in Smart System, your website will automatically prompt your visitor to install your app.

Converting a Blog into a Mobile App is Very Tedious. Additionally If you are submitting such type of Apps on Apple’s App Store, they will most likely be rejected citing that they are just webview of your existing Website.

Progressive Web Apps Are Perfect in such cases. Not Only you can by Pass Apps Store All Together, but you can start getting App Installs from your Organic or Paid traffic on your blog. And with the help of Push Notifications, this can become additional revenue stream for you

Convert Your Existing Amazon Affiliate Blog into an Android App & Publish on Play Store & Grow your Amazon Income 10 folds.

Convert your Existing Video Marketing Blog into a Android App & Publish on Play store to Attract new customers & generate more revenue for your business

Want to Make Money with Youtube, simply Create videos on specific niches from youtube on your website & convert it into a Android app.
Eg. Create Funny Cat Videos from YouTube & Make a App. Start Getting Visitors & make money using Admob Ads

Do you have a Existing Affiliate Marketing Blog which is making you money?

Now you can make even more money just by converting it into an Android App & Uploading in on Google Play Store. You can easily monetize your blog with the help of affiliate products, Admob Ads & be in touch with your users with the help of Push Notifications for free.

Do you Teach Online?
Do you have a course which you want to Sell. Use Progressive Apps Builder to easily make a Android App of your Course Website & attract New Students using Google Play Free Traffic.

+ Many Great SURPRISE Bonuses As Well In The Exclusive Member’s Area!

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We’ll give you Full of your money back even on 60th Day If you face any technical issue which we don’t solve for you.
Our money back applies to technical issues only – other than that, all sales are final.

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P.S. This is a must-have App Creator for every website. You or your staff is probably wasting hours every week on tasks that this will do for you in minutes.

So STOP wasting your precious time on menial tasks and let Progressive Apps Builder add color to your business by freeing up your time 10x more.

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