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  • Side hustlers are more than their day jobs

    Wonder if you have the energy for a full-time second career running your passion project? After watching this video, check out the first episodes of side hustlers Marcos Espinoza; Shweta Tripathi; Amy Ewbank; and Alex Levin and Andrew Maruska

  • Behold the world’s cutest robot and other tech successes

    Building a thriving internet technology business looks like plum luck from the outside, but successful entrepreneurs swear it comes down to good chemistry, taking risks and solving problems that others couldn’t

  • The best podcasts for side hustlers: your download list

    When you’re working away at your side gig, it doesn’t hurt to have extra motivation. With that in mind, Squarespace – a longtime supporter of podcasts – has curated an easy list of what to listen to now. Business tips, design inspiration, food talk: it’s all here for your listening pleasure.

  • Take the leap Jumpstart your side hustle

    Side hustles should be easy, right? You just figure out a passion that will fulfill the very depths of your soul, give you some otherworldly and meaningful experience, and stuff your pocketbook for decades. In reality, side gigs aren’t magical experiences. They’re all about you and how you choose to take risks in order to pursue your passion. Sound complicated? We’ve made a cheat sheet for you to take the leap and land safely. All it takes is a bit of courage – and hard work.

  • Childhood tragedy leads to a side hustler’s inspiring community project

    Side hustle contest winner Tiffany Yu is the founder of Diversability, an organization that seeks to unite and empower the disability community. ‘Tiffany has found a way to bring her passion to all of us,’ says motivational speaker Becky Curran

Side hustle videos

  • Doll’s Eye Theatre keeps up momentum after rave reviews: part III

    In her third and final episode, Amy Ewbank of Doll’s Eye Theatre has just received four-star ratings from critics in London. She heads to New York City, where she gets advice from Soho Rep artistic director Sarah Benson

  • Craft gin company gets ready for launch: part III

    Des-gin entrepreneurs Alex Levin and Andrew Maruska, featured here in their final Side Hustle episode, keep building their following despite delays

  • Artisan jerky maker tests a spicy new flavor: part III

    In his final Side Hustle episode, Marcos Espinoza visits Philadelphia’s Rival Bros Coffee Roasters to try his ‘out-of-the-box but still approachable’ new jerky – the next step for his growing business

  • Florist’s bouquets are ready for their close-up: part III

    ‘As much joy as I get from putting these arrangements together … I hope it doesn’t stay a side hustle forever’: Shweta Tripathi’s photo shoot is meant to take BeeSpoke, her floral side business, to the next level

  • Side hustlers craft a pitch for a new gin label: part II

    In their latest Side Hustle episode, Des-gin entrepreneurs Alex Levin and Andrew Maruska visit Kings County Distillery to talk about promoting their new liquor brand during the craft spirit boom

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